Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival

   The Friendliest Little Fiber Festival Around

                                         The "Friendliest little fiber festival around" needs volunteers - we NEED you!

noun: vol·un·teer \ˌvä-lən-ˈtir\

1. A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task; a participant.

verb: 1. freely offer to do something

Half day, whole day ....we will take what we can get - this is a huge undertaking and volunteers are few.....please help.

Here are some guidelines as to how some of the duties roll out:

Starting Friday about 10am, volunteers are needed to ensure the common areas are open and clean, to include the front office, the class areas, the kitchen, the 'buildings', the bathrooms, and any outside garbage cans and picnic tables are set up. These areas should already be clean but occasionally there are areas overlooked from the previous renters. Volunteers also work with the Vendor Coordinator to ensure the correct number of tables and chairs are in the booth areas marked out. Once the vendors start setting up at 1pm, volunteers may assist the vendors in unpacking their vehicles so the unloading areas are available for as many vendors to get in as possible. Volunteers may also assist vendors in setting up their booths. Many experienced vendors do not need assistance, but some older or single vendors really appreciate the help!

Saturday and Sunday, volunteers should meet at the office 30 minutes prior to the festival opening. Festival hours are 9am to 5pm on Saturday, 10am to 4pm on Sunday.

1-2 volunteers will assist the Office manager in the front office each festival day, handing out festival materials, directing visitors and answering questions. Office personnel are also responsible for collecting paperwork and payments from vendors, announcing door prize winners over the PA system, taking door prize winner names back to hospitality, other communications/coordination, and ensuring the best possible experience for both vendors and shoppers.

We need 2-3 Floor volunteers both Saturday and Sunday to wander both buildings of the festival and the outdoor areas. These people will check in on each of the vendors, ensuring they have what they need, answering their questions, taking suggestions, providing bio-breaks/lunch breaks if needed, promoting and directing shoppers to various vendor's booths if they are looking for something particular, and generally ensuring the best possible experience for both vendors and shoppers. Outdoor areas also need to be toured occasionally to ensure there is no littering or unauthorized activities occurring. Bathrooms in each barn need to be kept stocked and clean, checked hourly. Office and Floor volunteers may switch out and give each other (bio/lunch/shopping) breaks.

A volunteer each day is also appreciated to assist the Hospitality Manager, helping organize various contests, handling the door prize selections, assisting shoppers as needed, and keeping the all-important coffee pot full in the morning!

Sunday starting at 4pm, we need volunteers to 'take down' the festival. This includes assisting any vendors needing help to pack up their booths and move their items back to their vehicles. Often this is done by all the Sunday volunteers, but big strong husbands are appreciated! Once the vendors are out of the area, everyone pitches in to clean up the common areas for the next renters. We are usually done by 7pm.

FOOD !!! Each day, volunteers are provided a lunch voucher, and are also invited to join the vendor dinner on Saturday evening.

Being a volunteer at this festival is an incredibly rewarding experience. Working with and getting to know vendors from all over the mid-west, you get to spend more time with them than you would as a shopper, and they love to share their knowledge. Can there be a better time than spending one or two days immersed in fiber and texture and color, with enthusiastic and passionate co-workers and vendors? Come get to know us at the "Friendliest little fiber festival around"!

Even if you can only volunteer half a day, please consider it! 

Email Monica Chandler: [email protected]

PLEASE type in the subject line: NMLWF Volunteer or call her at (989)305-2696